FANA holds an annual convention in April or May at different host cities. The annual convention is called The Assemblage. Past meetings have been held in New York City, Washington, D. C., Boston, Oakland, Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Vancouver, B.C., New Orleans, Sarasota, Phoenix, Newport, Rochester, Seattle, Hartford, Pasadena, Santa Fe, Cleveland, Savannah, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Tulsa, Philadelphia, El Paso, Baltimore, Long Beach, Tucson and Wilmington. We are pleased to offer YouTube videos of fan displays and activities from a recent Assemblage and a recent publication. Silhouette Room and Sticks/Materials Identification and Videos of Dances Using Fans.

The Assemblage provides a variety of educational and social opportunities for all attendees. Members, nonmembers and guests are welcome to participate. This is an ideal opportunity to develop valuable personal contacts with other fan collectors. We have enjoyed museum tours and exhibits with fans, a chance to see significant historical, topical and cultural sites in the local area, lectures on fans, member fan displays and the ever-popular fan sale and fan auction. The member fan sale is a chance to purchase fans from other individuals who are attending the meeting. The informal and entertaining fan auction, which benefits our Trust Fund for grant awards, is possible each year through the generosity of our members in donating items for the event. A typical Assemblage is a three to four day experience generally starting on a Thursday and ending Sunday. A registration fee is required to cover necessary expenses of group activities.

Regional Meetings: Members are encouraged to take the initiative in outreach to other fan collectors and prospective members. The East Bay Fan Guild is active in California. The Southwest Connection is active in Arizona. The Northeast Connection is active in the northeastern states and Canada. Other members have joined together on an occasional basis to share information and activities in other parts of the country.

Special Exhibits: If there are special events with an open invitation, all FANA members are notified and may choose to attend.